Features And Multiple Uses Of Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is one of the most useful tools to obtain precision measurement while working on different projects. These tapes are quite useful while installing shelves or stitching clothes. Today there is an overwhelming choice of tapes made available even through online stores at various price rates.

Different tapes include different features and it is important to understand the various features before choosing an appropriate product. choice for Architects There are two different types of housings which include the open and closed housing. Housing is the case where the tape coils when it is retracted. Open housing tapes are ideal for outdoor use as it is quite easy to clean these tools. Closed housing varieties are used for indoor purposes. It includes various features such as a lock and belt clip so that it remains sturdy while in use.

The material of the measuring strips should also be considered while buying it. The two most popular types of materials include metal and fiberglass. Metal blades are durable and include lacquer coats to prevent rusts. Fiberglass blades are less expensive and it can be used to work in places where there are electrical hazards as it is a poor conductor of electricity.

These tapes have a wide range of utilities. It is used in the field of carpentry, construction, survey, tailoring and so forth. It is also one of the most indispensable tools which can be used for various domestic purposes.

Tailoring: It is widely used by tailors to take body measurements for stitching clothes. It is also used to measure garments so that it can be cut appropriately. However, these gauging devices need to be flexible so that it can be wrapped around the person’s body easily. It is often made of fiber glass, cloth or plastic coated polyester.

Carpentry: It is mainly used to measure the interior and exterior surfaces of the wood. These devices are also flexible and it includes a metal hook so that it can be hooked onto the surfaces for precise measurements. These gauging devices are available in a range of sizes to suit different purposes.

The measuring tape can be used to gauge the weight of automobiles including cars, buses, vans and planes. However, it is also necessary to use a hand held tyre pressure gauge to obtain accurate results. For this purpose, the length and width of the tyre is calculated using the metal tape. The area of the tread touching the ground is also calculated and then the gauge is used to measure the pressure of the tyre. It is now easy to calculate the weight supported by each tyre. The total weight supported by all the tyres can be calculated similarly.

Recently, various types of laser tapes have been introduced in the markets. These devices use laser beams to gauge the distances between points. The instrument includes an LCD display which shows the readings accurately. There are a huge plethora of devices made available through various online stores at affordable price rates.

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