Reconfigure Your Academic Employment With Online Faculty Positions

According to those that watch the academic employment landscape for changes that impact the livelihoods of post-secondary educators, the increase in the number of part-time college and university instructors started climbing about a decade ago and hasn’t stopped yet. This reconfiguration of the status of academic labor has caused a great deal of financial hardship for aspiring faculty members thinking 代写 that a tenured position is available through hard work and dedication to teaching as a career. Unfortunately, the dream of a lifelong academic position accompanied by regular salary increases, budgets for research and growing perks such as defined benefits retirement packages and group medical plan rates with a four-year college or university is rapidly becoming an antique idea for the vast majority of academics.

As unnerving as all of these changes can be to anyone wanting to teach for a living or still trying to teach for a living on a physical campus, the reality is that the individual college instructor can take steps to adjust to the new academic landscape that is appearing on the Internet. However, some serious analysis is required in order to actually understand how much the new academic employment paradigm requires of educators in terms of accommodation. That is, there are certain concessions that a prospective online adjunct instructor must make in order to actually prosper as an online college teacher, and it must be understood that online teaching is no longer an option for the career-minded academic.

While earning a Ph.D. or master’s degree is certainly an exhilarating experience primarily because it validates the individual’s perception of intellectual soundness, the usual next step in the academic process, which almost always involves so attempt to teach college students for a living, often deflates the dream of a fully compensated life as a tenured university or college professor as the claws of reality take hold and the economic pain starts in earnest. The danger here is the development of what psychologists refer to as cognitive dissonance. That is, the harsh professional circumstances are so far removed from the dream that the urge to gravitate to the traditional campus, which is literally bankrupt in a financial sense, soon reveals that there is no real income to be made in the physical classroom anymore, so the adjunct college instructor tries even harder to force income out of the situation which simply cannot supply the necessary remuneration to pay back student loans and finance a decent lifestyle and ultimately experiences a sort of dislocation in thinking about teaching as a career. The cure for this dislocation caused by the intractable distance between dream and reality is to take a sharply focused look at the numerous online degree programs and to realign the dream of teaching for a living with their presence.

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