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Graduation from high-school is a big occasion and some sort of large send-off bash is usually in order.  These graduation celebrations are typically large affairs with lots of fun and entertainment.  In the past 20 years the trend is to make these bashes alcohol free or a dry-grad.  This means if you’re caught with alcohol on or in your system you’ll be asked to leave.  This provides a safe environment for all to enjoy.  However, many people will find that the party needs to be much more entertaining then other non alcohol free parties.  So, what better time for a casino themed party?


A casino themed party is the perfect party theme for a dry-grad celebration as the party provides entertainment, a theme and allows prizes to be given out to the party-goes.  In addition, this type of party is perfect for dry-grad because you will need lots of volunteers to run the party smoothly.  The more volunteers that are around the more people who can help monitor the guests coming in with alcohol or alcohol in their system.   This is an important part of any dry-grad celebration.

To host a casino themed party simply give everyone coming to the party a set amount of fake money to spend. They will have the evening to gamble the money at the various stations setup throughout your venue.  You can then have a raffle prize draw area setup where people can spend their money to buy tickets for the raffle.  You’ll want to pick a prize worthy of making people wanting to play with fake money throughout the night.

If you’re on the party planning committee for your graduating class consider hosting a casino themed party.  You won’t be disappointed in the atmosphere, entertainment and activities that your guests will get to enjoy.

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